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Beelzebub Prince of Demons Black Magic 666 Love & Control Spells


You might be willing your lover to obey your wishes with a multitude of techniques - Wicca, affirmations, cosmic ordering and other spells and charms with no result? Take cosmic ordering for example, it’s hit and miss because your thought-form i.e. your actual cosmic order is left alone to find the route of least resistance to complete its task, which isn’t always going to grant the outcome you want. You might wish for a tall, dark, handsome lover and get one who fits the bill, but who also lies, cheats and steals from you. Wicca is the same, that’s why there are so many warnings (excuses for spells backfiring or failing) about freewill and karma. With black magic spells that invoke a demonic spirit you have a ‘living’ spell and an intelligent spell, consequently my love spells are charged to get the results you want, not to meandering or as Wiccans would say “work for the highest good” - you don’t want the highest good, you want the results you want, why would you use spells to get results that may not suit you, but instead suit others? My love spells will obey the instructions you supply.

Beelzebub Prince of Demons Love & Control Spell

This love spell is for reuniting, commitment and/or correcting any relationship issues.

I will need your name, date of birth and photo if one can be supplied. They same or as much information as you can supply on the other person involved will help. Price - £156.66

Beelzebub Binding Love & Possession Spell

This black magic love spell is binding i.e. permanent, forever, unbreakable. The Beelzebub Binding Love Possession Spell will see that the one you love is possessed by love for you. A voice inside their head - their own, will tell them how much they love you and never want to be with anyone else. You will be the only lover they ever want and think about. £406.66


Legion Love Spells - And he said my name is Legion, for we are many...
Mephistopheles Love Spells

The Ultimate Black Magic Demonic Love Spells, that obeys your every requests. 7 nightly, maximum strength love spells to solve the impossible. If you have a love rival or love rivals you wont after using these spells, if your lover or ex lover isn’t realising you are more important to them than oxygen, these black magic love spells will change that. Your relationship will become fully under your control, no more will you suffer the pain of your lover being with others or ignoring you, it will be no longer possible, they will see the future as you see it. Your lover will be possessed by their love for you. Price £666.00

Legion Love Spells - And he said my name is Legion, for we are many...
Mephistopheles Love Spells X 2 - 14 spell night varsion.

Ultimate Black Magic Demonic Love Spells - 2 week version. Price £906.66

The Goat Hoof Break Up Spell

Do you have a love rival who you wish would go to hell and leave your lover alone? Maybe you have several love rivals? Once The Goat’s Hoof is set in motion, not only will a couple fall out and split up permanently, they will feel full of hatred for each other. The fiery hot hoof will stamp hard repeatedly on their relationship, thus, it will be killed forever. If you simply want your lover and rival to drift apart, then your feelings are weak, and you don’t really know what you want, anyone using real spells, 2000% knows what they want, there are not buts.£156.66


If you wish to use all the love spells mentioned on this page, they can be order as a package for £1006.66. Why might you want to use they all? You can never have too much power.


If your main problem is a love rival there’s nothing to stop you using two Goat Hoof Break Up Spells cast in succession, to stampede on the relationship you wish to kill.



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